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Infractions of Rules
in Gate Area and Penalties

(Woodball Rules)

Note: The following content is modified from the original "Rules of Woodball"
published by IWF (International Woodball Federation).

    1. The referee can decide the order of hitting according to the condition of the balls within the gate area. On principle, the ball nearer to the gate is given priority. The player who breaks the rule is added one penalty stroke, and he should hit the ball from its new position. If the ball passes through the gate, it is not considered as completion.
    2. The player cannot damage the gate intentionally. The violator is admonished and is added one penalty stroke. The repeat of infraction will result in cancellation of the violator's qualification for the game.

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Chapter 2 Woodball Equipment
Chapter 3 Woodball Team
Chapter 4 Functions and Responsibilities of Referee
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Chapter 6 Infractions of Rules in First Shot and Penalties
Chapter 7 Infractions of Rules in Hitting and Penalties
Chapter 8 Infractions of Rules in Play and Penalties
Chapter 9 Infractions of Rules in Gate Area and Penalties

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