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(Woodball Rules)

Note: The following content is modified from the original "Rules of Woodball"
published by IWF (International Woodball Federation).

I. Organization of Woodball Team

  1. Team members and staff: The team consists of team leader, coach, operator, captain and team members.
  2. Each team can enter and register the names of four to eight members for the game (including captain), but four to six of them can play in the game. The best four are taken to be added up as the result of the team.

II. Players

  1. The player who did not enter and register his name for the game is not permitted to play in the game.
  2. The players in team competition had better wear the sport clothes of the same fashion, whereas the player in individual competition is required to be in causal sport wear. In playing, field player is not permitted to wear high-heel shoes or clothes unsuitable for sport.
  3. Player should bring with him his legal identification papers for checking on his qualification.

Chapter 1 Woodball Course
Chapter 2 Woodball Equipment
Chapter 3 Woodball Team
Chapter 4 Functions and Responsibilities of Referee
Chapter 5 Conduct of the Game
Chapter 6 Infractions of Rules in First Shot and Penalties
Chapter 7 Infractions of Rules in Hitting and Penalties
Chapter 8 Infractions of Rules in Play and Penalties
Chapter 9 Infractions of Rules in Gate Area and Penalties

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