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Functions and Responsibilities of Referee

(Woodball Rules)

Note: The following content is modified from the original "Rules of Woodball"
published by IWF (International Woodball Federation).

I. Chief Referee

  1. Understand the practice and conduct of game.
  2. Assign referees to the game and notify the particulars for attention.
  3. Supervise referee in the execution of the game.
  4. Assist the referee to settle the problem arising in the execution of the game.
  5. Check the final scores.
  6. Request to convene the Adjudication Committee in case a suit or protest is submitted and report the incident to the Committee.
  7. Announce the rules of play and the particulars for attention to the players in advance of playing if necessary

II. Referee

  1. Check with the name list of the players and their equipment.
  2. Call start of play on each fairway and manage drawing lot for the player's order of playing.
  3. Declare the conclusion of play on each fairway and the number of strokes of every player.
  4. Lead the players to complete the game in accordance with the series number of the fairway.
  5. Deal with incidents against precedent or infractions of rule during play and announce time-out and the restart of play.
  6. Record the player's number of strokes and infractions.
  7. Check with the result of play and request the player to sign his name for confirmation.
  8. The referee onward movement and path should not affect the player's hitting.
  9. The referee should stand at a position where he can see clearly the hitting action of the player and the direction the ball goes.

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