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The Invention

Woodball was invented in 1990 by Mr. Ming-Hui Weng and Mr. Kuang-Chu Young. Originally, they just wanted to build a garden for their parents to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scene of Nei-Shuang-Hsi, located in Shih-Lin, Taipei, Taiwan.

After mowing the weeds of the hill, they found terraced fields which can be developed as an outdoor exercise place. It flashed through their minds that they could make a good use of this garden by designing it as a ball-playing ground. Under such motivation, they tried to create a ball game, in which the ball does not fly up when playing (ideal for a lawn game) and the sport itself should be economic (neither expensive nor taking large space) so that they could invite more friends to enjoy the fun of play the ball game on the lawn on a regular basis.

After three years' experiment and adjustment, the equipment and the rules of the ball game have, finally, become what they are today. From that time on, the ball game is officially named Woodball. The reason that woodball is popular among people of different ages is not only because that it has well designed equipment including a ball, a mallet and a gate, but also that it is easy to learn and play. That is also why woodball has been adopted as one of the physical education courses in some colleges one year after its appearance. And since 1995, woodball began to be promoted in other countries.

Woodball and I