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Charpter 2. Equipment

(Woodball Rules)

Note: The following content is modified from the original "Rules of Woodball"
published by IWF (International Woodball Federation).

I. General Principles

  1. Woodball equipment includes three pieces: the ball, the mallet, and the gate.
  2. The equipment used in play should be in conformity with the stipulated specifications by the inspection of International Woodball Federation.

II. Specifications of Equipment

1. Ball

  • The ball should be a round-shaped sphere made of natural wood, 9.5 cm + 0.2 cm in diameter and 350 g + 60g in weight.
  • On the sphere numbers and the woodball emblem can be marked.
  • The shape and the specifications of the ball are can be marked.

2. Mallet

  • The mallet is made of wood in T-type form. Its gross weight is about 800 grams.
  • The mallet is 90 cm + 10 cm in length (consisting of a handle and a bottle-shaped head).
  • The bottle-shaped mallet head is 21.5 cm + 0.5 cm in length. Its bottom is wrapped in a rounded rubber cap. The cap is 6.6 cm + 0.2 cm in diameter, its base is 1.3 cm + 0.1 cm thick, 3.8 cm + 0.1 cm in height, and its peripheral wall is 0.5 cm thick.
  • The form and the specifications of the mallet shown as below.

      1. Mallet:
      2. Mallet Head:
      3. Rubber Cap:

3. Gate

  • The gate is in the form of E and made of wood with accessories such as a metal rod, spherical nuts, and two rubber tubes.
  • The gate is formed with two wooden bottles as its stumps, which are fixed on the ground apart 15 cm + 0.5 cm in width, measured from the inner lateral of one stump to that of the other.
  • The form of the gate as shown in figure below:
  • The specifications of a set of gate

      1. Wooden bottle
      2. Wooden cup
      3. Metal rod

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Chapter 2 Woodball Equipment
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