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Features & Characteristics

  • The Game of Woodball consists in playing a ball from the starting area through the gate by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Woodball Rules.
  • The competitor who plays the stipulated round or rounds in the fewest strokes is the winner.
  • Woodball is a portable lawn game. A player uses one mallet for teeing off, fairway playing and putting.
  • Unlike Golf, a woodball is larger (3 3/4 inch in diameter) and heavier than a golf ball. As a result, a woodball only rolls on the grass and is suitable to play in the yard or a small area.
  • It is a good lawn game for all ages. With an indoor gate, woodball can be played indoor.
  • The fun of playing woodball contains parent-child bonding, relaxation, competition, exercising and coaching.
  • Ideal places for woodball are backyards, parks, beaches, woodball courses and even in the house (putting only).
  • Enjoy sunshine and great scene while you play woodball.
  • The swinging method of woodball is the same as golf. Therefore, swinging with a woodball mallet, which is heavier than a golf club, will train the golf muscles very well.

The Game

  • Each team consists 2 to 4 players. On a woodball course, the goal is to complete 12 gates, or a designated number of gates. Similar to golf, the player who completes these gates with fewest strokes wins the game.
  • It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete 12 gates. The length of a gate, from the starting area to the gate, ranges from 30 yards (par 3) to over 100 yards (par 5).

Lawn Game Everywhere & Fun for Everyone

  • It is ideal to play woodball in the yard or in a park where people chat, walk, get together with friends and enjoy relaxation. It is subtle creation developed from Golf and Gate ball by those who love exercise.
  • Due to the flexible space requirement, woodball can be played almost anywhere. It is becoming a wonderful lawn game for parties and outdoor activities